General Operations Notice

Thank you for your patience while we are working on a plan to serve the needs of our clients and projects in Nevada County.   

So that we can continue providing services that are safe to you, the community and our employees,

EvolvedDecks will operate within the guidance of the Small Business Administration, Nevada County Contractors’ Association, and county officials, following the mandates from the Centers for Disease Control and the State Public Health Department.

We anticipate some supply chain interruptions or delays in general, but we will continue to move forward and operate with some new constraints & precautions.

We've put into place technologies, policies, and protocols that will allow us to do all of our business either remotely, or without needing to be physically near the client. As an “Exterior” deck company, our task is simple and clear.

Please feel free to ask us questions about your needs, and we would like to hear your comments and concerns about doing business in general, and share how we are conducting our specific operations.

In the Field

  • Our operations are done mostly without direct contact, meaning that most of our site inspections, measures, demolitions and build work can be done without the resident clients needing direct physical contact with the team.
  • New company code of conduct and practices are now mandatory for employees visiting or working at client sites to keep the site clean and smoke-free.
  • We work in small crews and practice 6’ physical distancing rules.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including a portable hand sanitation station and face protection options are provided to our team and there are new site sanitation requirements for tools, handles, and surfaces.

In the Office

  • We are conducting Zoom online video meetings and investing in our telecommunications equipment to assist communication with our clients. We do not exchange any sensitive information over Zoom.

Thank you very much for understanding and working with us while we adapt to meet these challenges. 

Stay safe and healthy,

~The EvolvedDecks Team & Owner, Rodger Mann