Your deck evolved.

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What is EvolvedDecks?

The most evolved decking system on the market today!

We build strong and durable light gauge steel framed decks so you can stop repairing your deck, and start enjoying it! Sustainable composite decking options. EvolvedDecks is a waste-free construction deck builder.

EvolvedDecks offers a wide range of Construction services:

Steel deck framing.

  • Non-Combustible Light Gauge Metal Frames
  • Custom Deck Design & Technical Drawings
  • Deck Upgrades, Repairs, Alterations
  • Composite Decking Estimates.
  • Deck Builder Construction Install Team
  • Railing Systems
  • Stair Systems
  • Access Ramps

EvolvedDecks Guarantee:

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EvolvedDecks deck builders guarantees that our contracts will be completed 100% with high-quality performance.  We have been in service in Nevada County since 1992 and are responsible for providing quality deck construction and other decking services.  All our non-combustible steel frames come with a 25 year limited warranty for peace of mind. Composite decking warranty provided by individual manufacturers.

SCL #609393